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  • Active Oxygen Release

    Active Oxygen is a stronger cousin of regular oxygen, it has even greater bacteria fighting properties. It can also help brighten the skin tone!
  • Anti-Aging

    As particles of gas released are so small, it can easily go past the first layer of skin into the dermis. The increased concentration of beneficial gases may then signal the body to produce healthier, more youthful skin.
  • Anti-Humidity

    Our oxygen releasing powder naturally absorbs humidity, resulting in a dramatic increase in feelings of dryness when using our products!
  • Anti-Irritation

    Skin irritation can happen to anyone, as some people are more sensitive than others. With the synergistic technologies we use and combine, irritation may be drastically reduced.
  • Anti-Odor

    When the synergy of technologies comes together; various forms of oxygen, pH control, and other technologies work together to reduce odor by reducing the things that cause them in the first place, bacteria!
  • Brightens Skin-Tone

    With the properties of Active Oxygen, our skin’s melanin double-bond can be disassembled, resulting in what is essential the opposite of a sun-tan, a brighter lighter complexion!
  • CO2 Absorption

    Reducing inhaled Carbon Dioxide can be reduce discomfort, while reducing CO2 in feminine or wound care applications can further discourage microbial growth.
  • CO2 Release

    Using CO2 for cosmetic purposes has been known for decades. Studies have shown by increasing skin CO2 levels, skin microcirculation and oxygenation actually increases!
  • Disrupts Microbial Growth

    Most pathogenic microbes thrive in a certain environment, we simply aim to disrupt that environment as much as we could; which may result in a dramatic decrease in harmful bacteria.
  • Fights Itches

    By starving off bad bacteria and removing irritating chemicals found in conventional products, our products may help reduce itches!
  • Heat Generation

    Heating properties are used to bring comfort as well enhancing skin microcirculation.
  • Improves Microenvironment

    All of our products improves the microenvironment, which is the area directly between the product and the user. For example, with our diapers, the microenvironment improvement can be measured on the skin, the air within the diaper, and the main absorbent material. As oxygen will reach all areas including the skin, while the pH control will decrease the pH within the diaper.
  • Oxygen Release

    Oxygen has been shown to fight off nasty odors, bacteria, while promoting wound healing!
  • Ozone Release

    Unsurprisingly, Ozone is another potent bacteria fighter. It is even used specifically to kill foodborne pathogens!
  • pH Control

    Our bodies require a delicate balance of pH, including our sensitive skin. Healthy skin is naturally slightly acidic, which discourages harmful bacteria which tend to enjoy higher pH’s like that found in blood.
  • Promotes Wound Healing*

    Many of the technologies we incorporate has alone been shown to improve wound healing. A third-party hospital recently conducted a trial using our underpad, in which patients who had pressure sores experienced a dramatic rate of healing and decreased odor. You can find the study linked in the underpads product page.
  • Shrinks Pores

    Utilizing carbon dioxide and oxygen, our cosmetic products allow the skin to relax, which may result in smaller pores.
  • Soften Skin

    By oxygenating, warming and flooding the skin with carbon dioxide, we stimulate it to relax, which also makes it softer.
  • Synergistic Effects

    Synergy is what we are most proud of. While the oxygen releasing technology alone is enough to make our products superior to the rest, when we add properties like pH control, the benefits as a whole is greater than if we used these technologies apart.
  • TruTone™ Technology

    TruTone™ is our solution to the distorted, muffled phone call you usually get while wearing a respirator. Respirators with TruTone™ will project noticeably clearer voices compared to traditional respirators.


我们的技术, 如图像中的白色配方, 已獲美国, 台湾, 日本和中国的专利。这个独特的技术是让产品粉末可以释放不同形式的氧气, 调整 pH 值, 释放或吸收 CO2, 释放热量, 甚至降低湿度!


与水 (或二氧化碳) 接触后, 包括从呼吸、血液或尿液中发现的 (或任何来源);我们的配方和水之间发生了自然反应, 氧气逐渐释放


我们的技术不仅仅只是释放氧气, 而且与我们的其他技术, 如 pH 控制, 臭氧释放, 热生成, 以及更多的提供效益比任何这些功能将单独。整体大于其部分的总和。这使我们的产品真正壮观。


The Oxygen Movement (TO2M) 产品是建立在一个非常简单, 但重要的哲学;氧气是生命和健康的要求。我们的唯一目的是创造出优于传统的产品, 同时让所有人都能负担得起。


The Oxygen Movement (TO2M) 品牌开始把氧气释放应用在常规 N95 口罩, 但经过进一步的研究, 我们发现同样的技术可以与其他产品做结合,使用TO2M技术带来了大量潜在的商机!


我们使用的材料, 使我们的保健产品, 如我们的卫生巾, 尿布和护理垫逐步释放纯透气的氧气, 有助于对抗致病性和气味造成的微生物。我们还结合了不同形式的氧气, 称为活性氧, 这种形式是用来在我们的化妆品线, 有助于美白皮肤色调和清除斑点细纹。各种形式的氧气都适合我们客户的需求!


TO2M的产品是以安全和最高的质量为考虑。他们是在 FDA 和 cGMP 兼容类 2 BS 5295 洁净室。


TO2M 产品为您提供最具创新性和完整的保护。我们非常自豪地与你们分享。


我们还进行了第三方测试的选择品种的TO2M 产品由世界著名 SGS 实验室!我们不断争取最好的, 能够为您提供最安全和最有效的产品。





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